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Posted by TeacherCreature from IP: on 12/06/12
New York

Hi Everyone,
I wanted to say hello. I not an artist, I am a school teacher, and I am sponsoring one of my students down that tattoo road.
He was a student of mine years ago we kept in touch and now that he is graduated college I am going to sponsor him in pursuing tattooing.
I feel he is a great artist, (he did many non tattoo pieces for me, had him do a mural for my wedding) and I think tattooing will be a great fit.
His job in college was to do sketches for kids wanting tattoos he actually did quite a few.
Anyway long story short this weekend will be his first time trying tattooing tools as a medium for his art. (before you cringe) This will not be on people lol just on practice skins and graoefruits etc.

My role in this venture would be parlor manager, I am certified in firstaid and cpr, and I have taken and TAUGHT BBP courses. Our plan is to use all disposables, and for piercing although I havent explored industry standards I do know an autoclave is in the budget.

My state does NOT have regulations outside of NYC YET, I have been in contact with our department of health for their proposed requirements which are coming soon and I am pretty much in compliance already (minus testing which is not available) I am on the list to receive certification as a shop asap.

I have set aside and budgeted for a parlor and I already purchased insurance for this venture. Im sure there is plenty I dont know, in fact I have a ton of questions about procedure and equipment. I didnt want to blaset a bunch of naieve (spelling?) questions before researching, but if anyone does volunteer some info I would be appreciative ;), anyway nice to meet you guys

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Posted by TeacherCreature from IP: on 12/06/12
New York

Some initial questions I have, Why is some ink $5 and some $400 omg what should I be mindful of?
Same question regarding machines and powersupplys.

As we are shopping for a parlor how important is location with regard to driveby traffic and walk by traffic, do people impulsively walk into a strange shop or do they get referrals?

Before anyone says it we looked for an apprenticeship and not only were there none available they didnt even entertain the idea (didnt want to see his work or discuss it even)
I have many brave souls (like over a dozen already) who have offered to let my artist practice on them as guinea pigs. I insisted this would only happen when we both felt he was ready (how to judge that??? :/) and would be at NO cost as opposed to low cost.

Anyway I understand some people may not want to share trade secrets etc. (ive read some long argument threads on here :)) but I would appreciate anyone who does, and equally appreciate a slight nudge in the right direction so that I can put in the effort to learn rather than being dictated to. Cool links? Videos? Books? etc
Thanks for reading

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Posted by T from IP: on 12/06/12

My only thought is that you may be getting the both of you in way over your heads. There will by thousands of questions along the way that neither of you will be able to answer. The only way to really learn is to work along side skilled tattooists. Otherwise you are looking to at least several years full of failures. Learning by trial and error will be a very long process, most secrets of the trade he will never learn until he leaves your shop in search of someone who can help him. Not to mention all the people who will end up with horrible tattoos that may scar them for life. Is it a moral venture you are embarking on in an attempt to help this boy? It will likely lend up being anything but.
It may as well be impossible to get an apprenticship in your area, or there may not even be a suitable mentor around if you are in a rural area this may well be the case. The only real way in is through hard work and overcoming many hurdles. He should be training in art, drawing every day, and setting out with a portfolio of his artistic feats to show every shop that will look, even if they are 100 miles or more away. I'm not trying to discourage him from trying, but it is not easy, I am a successful tattooist that learned the hard way, I've been tattooing over 13 years and have only been able to pull in a consistent decent living for the past 3. Just something to help put it into perspective.

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