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Posted by tluv4200 from IP: on 04/06/11

i just got a tat on my calf ,every time i go to stand up from a layin or sitting position i get this real bad pain that is bad,u know how u get a brain freeze from cold stuff ,! while its like that in my leg, it starts off mild and it gets worse and worse, then it goes away in a few min, but it hurts so bad at that time i cant walk , can anyone give me some ideas on what this might be, thank u

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Posted by erlich from IP: on 04/06/11
hells kitchen

The pain you are experincing is called blood flow or blood rush.This happens every time you get up from setting or laying.You are feeling it because of the trauma caused to that area. pain will subside and get easier in the next coupl days. This is very normal.good luck

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Posted by Jenni from IP: on 04/06/11

That had to have been the worst part of both of my calf pieces. Of course, my left calf was six hours of work, and holding my leg in that position hurt my bad knees like crazy. But the blood rush afterwards was the worst part. Just take it slow when you get up after being seated.

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Posted by Dakidd from IP: on 06/24/11
MIami fl

I got the same problem going on right now. Give me a update plz

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Posted by MJF from IP: on 06/24/11

What more can be said.
Its normal.
Get up slow.
Subsides after a few days.

What I found helpful during those days was to stand like those Captain Morgan Rum pirates.
Lift the leg in pain up.
I was on feet for long periods of time for work and pressure built up. Staying off sometimes only relief.
Don't forget we are all kinda like Water Balloon Animals.
I had fun balancing the pressure one day to see how far down I could lower the leg before ache came back.

The pain also reminds you to keep crap off the healing work. Your only bright side.

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Posted by Jvamp from IP: on 04/02/12
akron,ohio US

I'm glad I read this...I was becoming concerned about the pain. As a female the best way to describe the pain is it feels like my calf is having contractions every 4 to 6 min. But I've noticed that the pain is less when I wear high heels its been 3 days now I hope its beter before I go back to work tomorrow.

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Posted by SixStringAssassin from IP: on 04/11/14
Centralia, WA USA

I have a calf piece I just got done a few days ago. I have been experiencing the pain as well. Aside from getting up slowly, doing cold compresses to the area will reduce pain and inflammation. Wrap a towel around an ice pack, elevate your leg, and place the tattoo on the towel containing the ice pack, and let it set there for 15-20 minutes. Make sure you apply ointment after, because the towel will remove any that you had on there. And DO NOT place an ice pack directly on your skin. You will actually damage the skin more. Good luck everyone. Hope this helps.

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Posted by iLouminate from IP: on 05/01/14

I had a cover-up done on my inner wrist four days ago (about 4 inches in length with a great deal of colouring). I'm experiencing pretty intense rushes of pain if I so much as bend over or try to pick something up with my tattooed arm. Does this sound like the same issue?

I work in a library and shelving books with this is painful and difficult. Just wondering how much longer I should expect to feel such pain. Just as additional information, the tattoo is otherwise fine. Scabbed a bit, as normal, and at the stage of feeling a bit tight as it heals.

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