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Black and grey portrait of Al Capone Tattoo Design Thumbnail
Ryan Mullins
Mastectomy scar cover-up tattoo  Tattoo Design Thumbnail
Boston Rogoz
Pocket watch and cherry blossoms tattoo Tattoo Design Thumbnail
Boston Rogoz
Glenn Arthur hand tattoo Tattoo Design Thumbnail
Boston Rogoz
Dove and Roses Tattoo Tattoo Design Thumbnail
Boston Rogoz
Dove and Roses Tattoo Tattoo Design Thumbnail
Boston Rogoz
Vicious Pitbull Tattoo Design Thumbnail
Boston Rogoz
Samuri Mask- In Progress Tattoo Design Thumbnail
Larry Brogan
Neck Rose Tattoo Design Thumbnail
Eric Hesseltine
Armpit's are smelly Tattoo Design Thumbnail
Eric Hesseltine
Team Up Tattoo Design Thumbnail
Eric Hesseltine

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Tattoo of the Day - 8/26/14 by Timothy B Boor

Free Hand Beach Scene Cover-Up

Free Hand Beach Scene Cover-Up  Tattoo Design Thumbnail


Recent Tattoos of the Day

Free Hand Beach Scene Cover-Up  Tattoo Design Thumbnail
Timothy B Boor
The Tall Man from Phantasm realistic tattoo in Black and Grey Tattoo Design Thumbnail
Jose Gonzalez
Color Wheel Tattoo Design Thumbnail
Russ Abbott
Anatomical  Heart  with watercolor explosion Tattoo Design Thumbnail
Kristina Bennett
Traditional color mermaid with octopus tattoo, Gary Dunn Art Junkies Tattoo Tattoo Design Thumbnail
Gary Dunn
untitled Tattoo Design Thumbnail
Bob Tyrrell
Rake Reaper Collage Tattoo Design Thumbnail
Matt Driscoll
realistic cat tattoo Tattoo Design Thumbnail
Francisco Sanchez
Mountain Bluebird Tattoo Design Thumbnail
Tony Adamson
Lady Bug on Four Leaf Clover Tattoo Design Thumbnail
Yorick Fauquant
Tom Waits on fire Tattoo Design Thumbnail
Picasso Dular
3D Space Tattoo Tattoo Design Thumbnail
Jesse Rix

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Durb Morrison on Off the Map LIVE

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Durb Morrison joins our host Ben Licata for a great interview about all the many things he's been up to. Hell City Columbus, Hell City Phoenix, Red Tree Tattoo Gallery, The Pint Size Paintings Project, True Tubes, True Grips, and the brand new True Cartridge systems. Dang! he's a busy man!!

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Samuri Mask
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submitted on 8/27/14 by - Tattoo City Studio

This samuri mask is a current in progress piece I'm working on.


Bob's first-ever book available now for pre-order
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submitted on 8/27/14 by - Bob Tyrrells Night Gallery

Bob's first book is available for pre-order now from Rufus Stone Limited Editions!

It's availabe in two formats: a super-limited hardcover/slipcase edition, and a softcover edition limited to a 1,000 copies. Rufus Stone produces amazing high quality books.

These might go fairly quick. 

CLICK HERE to get it now!

Stroke Lengths
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submitted on 8/27/14 by - NeoTat

The stroke length on your machine varies by millimeters: 1.8, 2.5, 3.5 and 4.2 are the four stroke lengths available for both, Original NeoTat and Vivace' tattoo machines.  The 1.8 machine was created for tight lining and permanent cosmetic work, originally marked with a "C". The 2.5 was the original stroke length and now shares the "standard stroke" title with the 3.5. The 2.5 machine was originally labeled with an "X", for the extra power motor that was used, and is now standard in all machines. The 3.5 stroke was originally created as the "color packer" and labaelled with a "P", instead of 3 dots.The 4.2 was created for larger lines and coloring areas, this became the new color packer. Finaly, the Magic* motor came along to offer an even smoother motion on your stroke lengths. The Magic* motor cartridge is available in 2.5, 3.5 and 4.2 stroke lengths. The longer the stroke length, the more damage can be done to the skin. These machines are intended for professionals and we ask that you seek training from a  professional on how to oporate these tattoo machines. This is simply a guide for the curious professional and should not be taken as any type of "training" on using the Original NeoTat or Vivace' Tattoo Machine.

I know you want to hear which stroke is for shading, which is for color packing and so forth. The bottom line is that they can all be used for any tattooing you made need to do. However, I will be nice and pass on information shared to us about stroke lengths. This is simple feedback of what other artists use their different stroke lengths for.

1.8 - Permanent Cosmetics, Fine Detail Lines, Black and Grey Work...

2.5 - Black and Grey Work, Fine Lining, Traditional Tattoos, Permanent Cosmetics...

3.5 - Color Packing, Bolder Lines, New School, Traditional, All Around Everything Machine...

4.2 - New School, Color Packing, Boldest Lines...


Jime Litwalk uses the 4.2 mm stroke, magic* motor cartridge for everything.

Frank LaNatra of Into the Woods Fine Art Gallery & Body Art Studio uses the 3.5 stroke, standard motor cartridge for everything. 

Jason Clay Dunn uses the Original NeoTat 3.5 mm stroke, standard motor cartridge and sometimes switches it up to his 2.5 stroke OG NeoTat's.


tatsbytravis appreciation special
 Thanks for sharing!

submitted on 8/27/14 by - Sacred Chao Tattoos

Click the Image to view tatsbytravis Promotion. Thanks!

tatsbytravis travis litke tattoos

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