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Dark Angel Tattoo Design Thumbnail
Rember, Dark Age Tattoo Studio
Polynesian Manta Ray Tattoo Design Thumbnail
Trevor Kennedy
Skeleton and daisy half sleeve Tattoo Design Thumbnail
Christina Walker
Watercolor Elephant Tattoo Design Thumbnail
Christina Walker
Vintage Microphone Tattoo Design Thumbnail
Rafael Marte
Chesire Cat Tattoo Design Thumbnail
Rafael Marte
Script and Rose Tattoo Design Thumbnail
Rafael Marte
Skull Tattoo Design Thumbnail
Rafael Marte
Rose Tattoo Design Thumbnail
Rafael Marte
Elizabeth Short/Black Dahlia Tattoo Design Thumbnail
Matthew Davidson
Maneki Neko Tattoo Design Thumbnail
Antons Feduns

Tattoo Inspiration and Artists

Tattoo of the Day - 9/25/14 by Matthew Davidson

Daffodil with aquamarine heart stone

Daffodil with aquamarine heart stone Tattoo Design Thumbnail


Recent Tattoos of the Day

Daffodil with aquamarine heart stone Tattoo Design Thumbnail
Matthew Davidson
Cancer crab Tattoo Design Thumbnail
Jordan Campbell
black and grey skull and hourglass Tattoo Design Thumbnail
Jeff Norton
untitled Tattoo Design Thumbnail
Geary Morrill
Abstract Portrait and Bird Tattoo Design Thumbnail
David Mushaney
Sea Witch Tattoo Design Thumbnail
Adam Aguas
Mermaid Coverup Tattoo Tattoo Design Thumbnail
Cory Claussen
Phoenix Tattoo Design Thumbnail
Antons Feduns
flowers flowers flowers Tattoo Design Thumbnail
Alex Alien
The Awaken One Tattoo Design Thumbnail
Vince Villalvazo
Mantis rabbit Tattoo Design Thumbnail
Picasso Dular
Jack Tattoo Design Thumbnail
Tony Adamson

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Northwest News: Jeff and Johnny Head to London

 Thanks for sharing!

Off the Map Tattoo Northwest has two resident artisits attending the 10th annual London Tattoo Convention.  Jeff Gogue and Johnny smith left for London yesterday.  Both artists have done  a lot of traveling to different conventions acroos the world.  Jeff has atended London before, this willl be the first trip for Johnny.  London is sure to be an amazing convention and we can't wait to hear all about it upon their safe arrival home.  Don't forget about the upcoming World Wide Tattoo Conference.  Perfect opportunity to learn from some of the world's best.  Tickets are still available.

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TattooNOW Network News

Worldwide Tattoo Conference will be webcast live from the Venice stage
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submitted on 9/30/14 by - Worldwide Tattoo Conference

Nov 10-12th

DO NOT MISS THIS! You can Stream LIVE during the event.

  • Tattooers, learn to perfect your craft from anywhere in the world!!
  • Tune into the World Wide Tattoo Conference Live Stream to beam directly into the action happening live on stage.
  • We're going all out to stream this, high powered internet upload, a powerhouse computer, 3 great camera views, and a chat room for moderated questions. 

All streaming tickets come with:

  • A flash drive full of video goodies!
  • Access to the WWTC On-Demand recording for 30 days to relive the awesomeness! (available 2 weeks after event)

Learn from Tattoo Masters:

Alex De Pase
alex de pase tattoo webinar
Shige Tattoo Webinar
 Joe Capobianco
Joe Capobianco Tattoo Webinar
 Nikko Hurtado
Nikko Hurtado Webinar
 Carlos Torres
Carlos Torres Tattoo Webinar
 Russ Abbott
russ abbott tattooing webinart
 Jeff Gogue
Jeff Gogue Tattooing Webinar
 Guy Aitchison
guy aitchison tattoo webinar

beaming in via Skype!

Fine Art Seminars with: Boris Vallejo
BORIS VALLEJO art webinar
 Julie Bell
Julie Bell

Gabe Ripley
gabe ripley business seminar

Business Seminar with TattooNOW founder
Durb Morrison
durb morrison host


The project WWTC (WorldWideTattooConference) was conceived in 2011. The original idea was to get together different talented tattoists in an itinerant multicultural context who would travel around the world, stopping over in significant European and American spots to share and offer their expertise and personal views of their work to the global tattoo community.
The project came to life in October 2011, when the first WWTC was held in Rome. The artists involved were: Nick Baxter, Jeff Gogue, Alex De Pase and Boris, sided by the tattoo marketing expert Gabe Ripley. It was a great success and attendees were enthusiastic about the experience they had had the opportunity to share.
Then it was the turn of Chicago in April 2012 with Nick Baxter, Bob Tyrrell, Jeff Gogue, Boris, Guy Aitchison and Alex De Pase and its WWTC was even more successful than Rome: 250 guests rallied from all over the world to assist at the best tattoo seminars ever put together in recent times. The WWTC project was just the right stuff and it had to go on….
Its last edition took place in September 2012 at the Tobacco Dock in London, just before the 8th International London Tattoo Convention took off. This time the venue was different: the WWTC was hosted by a Tattoo Convention, in the same rooms that would have been crammed with astonishing tattoists a couple of days later. The London WWTC was rougher and wilder, but the most positive expectations were met for the third time. Lots of European young tattoo artists flocked to the Tobacco Dock buildings and were impressed by the sense of cohesion and belonging to a global community of people who want to share their knowledge without any barrier and where limits or dishomogeneous levels do not exist. The masters Bob Tyrell, Joe Capobianco, Boris, Nikko Hurtado, Stephane Chaudesaigues and Alex De Pase and the apprentices are just members of the same family and everybody is there to take their turn.

New England News: October is the time! Mallory Johnstone and Justin Nordine!
 Thanks for sharing!

submitted on 9/30/14 by - Off the Map Tattoo

What up tattoo peeps! Its time for the too tight Tuesday news! October is gonna be so awesome! We got a couple awesome artist to start with. First up its Mallory Johnstone from October 1st to the 4th!

Following up from October 5th to the 11th is Justin Nordine!

Come check em out! They are amazing and stuff! Thats all for this weeks Tuesday News as always, stay awesome possum!

Jed Leiknes "Malum in se" Online Sales
 Thanks for sharing!

submitted on 9/30/14 by - Benchmark Tattoo

If you were interested in purchasing an original Jed Lieknes painting from his current show "Malum in se" follow the link under art and machine sales and under the products tab you can find Jed Leiknes and all his paintings can be viewed and will go live for sale at 6pm C.S.T on October 3rd 2014.  Thanks for looking and supporting such a great artist

Lotus Flower by Trevor Kennedy
 Thanks for sharing!

submitted on 9/30/14 by - Sweet Trade Tattoo

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