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Samurai Battle Archer  Tattoo Design Thumbnail
John Sundara
Samurai Archer Tattoo Design Thumbnail
John Sundara
elbow mandala fun Tattoo Design Thumbnail
John Sundara
rocky bio scorpion Tattoo Design Thumbnail
Chuck Day
Scorpion 2 Tattoo Design Thumbnail
Chuck Day
Scorpion Tattoo Design Thumbnail
Chuck Day
Sun Conure Tattoo Tattoo Design Thumbnail
Rob Rutherford Tattoo Machine with Flowers Tattoo Design Thumbnail
Black and grey rose Tattoo Design Thumbnail
Mike Riina
Black and grey satelitte Tattoo Design Thumbnail
Mike Riina
Flowers Tattoo Design Thumbnail
Mike Riina

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Tattoo Artists - LITOS

Forbidden Images Tattoo Art Studio
Trinity, FL
(727) 846-8757

LITOS is originally from RIO DE JANEIRO, BRASIL. His career started at the age of 12 years old. Dedicated his life and still does with a undeniable passion and commitment. LITOS & his wife JULIE are the heart and soul of FORBIDDEN IMAGES . Our studio has a very relaxing vibe, with the excitiment of our commitment to the ART of Tattooing. LITOS has been tattooing in the tampa bay area for over 30 colorful years, creating a everlasting fullfilment to all the clients that have being expose to his ART. His wife JULIE, has brought her talent of decorating vision and skill to run a very beautiful and successful studio.

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