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Kyle Grover
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Adam Aguas
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Adam Aguas
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Amy E
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Amy E
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Amy E
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Amy E
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Amy E
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Amy E

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Tattoo Artists - Kelly Doty

Email Kelly Doty
Kelly Doty at Ink & Dagger Tattoo
Decatur, GA
(404) 373-6655
Kelly Doty's Personal Website

I began my apprenticeship in 2007 at Turnpike Tattoo in Meriden, CT under Coniah Timm, and started tattooing professionally in 2009. At the end of 2009 I moved to Off the Map Tattoo in Easthampton, MA. I got to work with some of the best artists in the world while I was there, as well as an amazing staff. I moved down to Atlanta GA in August 2012 to work at Ink & Dagger Tattoo where I once again get to work with absolutely incredible artists and staff on a daily basis. 

I specialize in spooky color work. I also spend a lot of time drawing absolutely idiotic animals and that's very fun too. When I'm not tattooing or working on tattoos, I'm not awake.

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