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Tattoo Artist Services

Tattoo Artist Services TattooNOW has built high traffic websites for tattoo artists since the beginning of the world wide web. The demand for our websites keeps growing, and what was once a part-time job for a few people has turned into a full time business run by professionals. International clientlist includes: Guy Aitchison’s, Bob Tyrrell, Nick Baxter, Jeff Gogue, Oleg Turyanskiy, Art Junkies Tattoo, Shane ONeill, Mike Devries, Luca Natalini, Dan DiMattia, Off the Map, and many more. We invested in our own technology and philosophy and became our own client! Because we saw the success of our product and the power of a well designed website firsthand, in 2005 we opened our own studio Off the Map Tattoo, Inc. In a short period of time, Off The Map grew to become a thriving shop and plays host to over 40 national and international guests each year. This success led us to produce the Paradise Tattoo Gathering. Both have attracted some of the world’s very best artists to teach, learn, and tattoo. Every day we see the effects our websites can have when we book tattoos and sell tickets to our shows. We have a unique vested interest in the success and improvement of our product and systems.

Business Consulting

TattooNOW Business Roundtable - This package is for professional artists and apprentices who are looking for regular business idea generation and personal consulting. 

Web Site Development

We have been developing web sites and cutting edge multimedia for almost a decade. We deliver millions of pages to hundreds of thousands of surfers every month. We can help drive traffic, and customers, to you! Call (413) 585-9134


CDs, Kiosks, Games


Memberships to tattoonow, email memberships, all encompasing membership


We offer quite a few options for advertising your business or studio. TattooNOW receives over 250,000 visits a month and we can serve your ad millions of times each month. We also offer sponsorship spots in the Tattoo Artist Magazine CD-Rom!


Looking for a talented tattoo artist to join your staff? Have some extra equipment you wanna sell? Have a show you want to promote? Add your listing to the classifieds page, as well as throughout the image galleries! We getting about 20,000 unique visitors a day, so your bound to get in front of a lot of eyeballs. Please keep classified to 1 paragraph and a link to your website. No spam sites or hard core porn.

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