Fineline Korean Tattoos - YOJOGRIM from Korea travels worldwide


Yojogrim, Joohyun Jo from South Korea, has been leaving brilliant tattoos around the world on discerning collectors during her travels to German, England, and other destimations. Here is a small collection of tattoos that have been causing a stir, with many more world class tattoos and videos to come! Contact Yojogrim directly to find out where they will be next and to see if you are lucky enough to land an appointment! 

Rose Stamp Tattoo - Korean Tattoo Yojogrim
Rose Stamp Tattoo by Yojogrim 

Yojogrim Phases of the Moon Tattoo - Korea's best tattoos
Phases of the Moon Tattoo by Yojogrim


Flower back tattoo Yojogrim korean tattooer
Flower Back Tattoo by Yojogrim


Color shoulder flower tattoos yojogrim korean tattoos
Peony Shoulder Tattoos by Yojogrim