What Does Artistic Freedom Means?

Submitted on 10.19.21


        How much freedom do you usually let an artist have when working on your skin? A lot of people get increasingly confused and concerned when they hear that the artist requires "full artistic freedom".  Artistic freedom means that you give the artist a general direction of what you're wanting, general idea, sizing and placement. If you tell them where you want it at, the artist will know the dimensions what to design for. It is more related to allowing the artist to have creative choices over the design, color and layout. Even with artistic freedom, your artist isn't going to design a chest piece if if you let them know that you want it on your forearm. 

       Many people expect tattoo artists to make all their design dreams come true, without offering any input. But that's just not how the process works. It's important to have an idea of what you want for a tattoo and where you want it and describe it. From there, it'll be easier for them to create something from scratch — using your ideas as a guideline. Tattoo artists love it when clients let them be expressive and exercise their artistic talents by creating a one of a kind piece. As an artist, creativity comes from their souls. They are often challenged within the industry to make sure clients have a buy in to the design as it is going on them forever. A vast majority of tattoo artists don't want to do something they are not proud of just for the paycheck, they want to create a piece of art they are proud to put their name and business on and something that client can be proud to show off. 

        When it comes to creative freedom, artists still look for what makes their clients tick. Artists take your ideas and design and add their own creative spin to it. So if you want something truly unique, let them know you want them to include their own flair. This is, after all, a type of collaboration. Transparency is key which leads to clients feeling more comfortable with releasing control to the artist and letting them express their artistic talents through the art of tattooing. Everyone wants the experience to bring joy, to be heard, and to walk away with confidence. Trust the process and journey you're about to embark on with your artist and have fun.