Rotary vs Coil Tattoo Machines - Tattoo Artists Explain The Difference - Direct, Linear, Cartridge & Pen


Have you been thinking about switching to a rotary tattoo machine? Find out the advantages and disadvantages, learn from the experience of a group of seasoned tattooers from different schools and tattooing styles.

00:00 - Why listen to Marc about Rotary Tattoo Machines?
01:09 - Lets Talk Tattoo! Benefits of Rotaries - Dangers of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. Consistency. efficiency.
03:24 - Downsides to Rotary Tattoo Machines
03:55 - Needle Cartridges
04:55 - Tattooer Testimonial - Frank DeMao
07:00 - Tattooer Testimonial - Hector Cedillo
08:00 - Rotary Tattoo Machine Tour - direct drive, linear, cartridge dedicated, and pen tattoo machines
11:00 - Marc's conclusion

In this video, Marc will be talking about how rotary tattoo machines work, how they help with carpal tunnel syndrome, how easy it is to set up rotary tattoo machines, and then chat with some seasoned tattoo artists about their opinion on the pros and cons of tattooing with coils or rotary tattoo machines. Then Travis takes you on a comprehensive showcase of the rotary tattoo machines Needlejig has for sale (to professionals only) with weights, cam and stroke options, and even some voltage specs. Pretty much everything you wanted to know about rotaries, without tattoo machine reviews, hah.

Tattoo Machine Topics covered:

  • The different types of rotary tattoo machines - direct drive, linear, cartridge dedicated, and pen.
  • The ease of a rotary tattoo machine setup with cartridges.
  • Is a rotary tattoo machine good for beginners?

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