Predictive Computer Simulation

Submitted 05.28.23

Predictive Computer Simulation

There are many technologies making it possible to predict how a tattoo will look as it heals and ages over time. Technologies that will revolutionize the tattoo industry, making it easier for artists to create designs that will age well and giving clients a better idea of what their tattoos will look like as they move through the world.

As mentioned in Part 3, 3D modeling has become increasingly common in the world of digital art, with numerous applications available. Photoshop, Procreate, and Clip Studio Paint are just a few programs that have incorporated 3D modeling into their assets. There are a few additional more powerful softwares on the market such as Z-Brush and Blender that specialize on this.

In order for tattooing to make full use of these more sophisticated technologies there needs to be a conversation around some type of system or language that we can create. Something to help guide each other and people coming into the industry towards a more constructive solution.

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