Hey Tattooers! You Are Not Paid By The Hour | Tattoo Business Mindset | EP 138 With Jake Meeks

Submitted 11.21.22

Hey Tattooers! You Are Not Paid By The Hour 

| Tattoo Business Mindset | EP 138


Topics: Mindset, Tattoo Scheduling, Schedulers, Tattoos, Tattoo business, tattoo business planning, Tattoo Machines, Drawing for tattoos, Creativity, Exploring Tattoo Techniques, Exploring Other Mediums to Enhance Your Tattooing

“I really didn’t focus on getting out and Improving. I didn’t focus on exploring other mediums, on doing anything like that… and really it turned into a job for me…something I didn’t really enjoy doing…”

-Jake Meeks

Tattooing may be a wonderful way to express oneself, provide for one's family, and build a successful creative career, but if you aren't careful it can begin to infringe on other parts of your life. As tattooists, we know that making time for things is tough since there are so many things to consider.

On this page, we'll share a few key things that can help increase your productivity. We'll also show you how to make sure your focus is where it should be and how to give yourself more freedom to do the creative things that fuel your passion. Plus, we'll provide easy tips and tricks anyone can try so they too can reclaim lost time.

Challenging Your Beliefs

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Hey Tattooers! You Are Not Paid By The Hour | Tattoo Business Mindset | EP 138