Harvest Moon Tattoo Expo updates

Submitted on 09.17.19

Hey Rebels! Here's an updated list on who'll be available at the Harvest Moon Tattoo Expo Sept. 20-22! Reach out to them before they're all booked up!

Ben Amos: Openings Friday, Saturday and Sunday
Eddie Molina: Openings Friday
Joseph Arrellin: Openings Friday and Sunday
Kaitlin McCanless: Openings Saturday
Robert Hornback: Openings Sunday
Trey Edinger: Openings Sunday

If you're interested in booking with one of our artists send them an email to discuss your tattoo ideas.

Also, check out seminars by Joe Tricomi and Liz Cook throughout the weekend!

Joe Tricomi: The Joy of Procreation 2 - Sept. 20 at 4 pm
Tickets $100 | Email TricomiArt@gmail.com to register

Liz Cook: Tattoo Color Theory - Sept. 22 at noon
Tickets $150 | Signup here