Submitted on 10.15.17

Hey tattoo cuties!!

  I'm so excited to be able to welcome you into my tiny corner on the internet ! (I finally have my own dot com!! ) Lately my life has been changing in a lot of ways! I'm very happy to announce that I am apart of the amazing crew of Off the Map Tattoo , a legendary shop located in Easthampton, Massachusetts along with my significant other Justin ( check him out too!! We moved all the way from Oregon to tattoo here and I'm so humbled to work in this studio. I've been tattooing for seven in a half years now, always looking up to various artists who were representing the Off the Map Tattoo shops ( with locations like Oregon, Italy, and where I'm currently at in Massachusetts ) And it's just unreal to be able to have the opportunity. While I'm here I hope to connect with fellow anime nerd and kawaii enthusiasts so we can create super cute tattoos together and maybe even being cosplay buddies together?! Also, I wanted to thank the many clients I have spread across the states; from Florida to the PNW and even in the mid west, I STILL SEE YOU CUTIES!! Thank you all for your endless support<3

Big things are coming soon, I'm so excited to show you!!