ZiD has been piercing professionally in Boston since 2005 and working in tattoo shops for over a decade. After a 2.5 year apprenticeship under Ryan Oullette of Precision Body Arts in Nashua NH, ZiD came to Boston to pierce at Darkwave Tattoo in Roxbury and in 2007 arrived at Pino Bros Ink. Since he has been here, he has contiued to strive to offer his clients the highest level of professionalism and comfort during their piercing experience. He has several certifications in such fields as aseptic technique, prevention of disease transmission, equipment sterilization, grounding and bedside manner, piercing anatomy and aftercare and regularly attends the annual Association of Professional Piercers conference to continue his education and enable him to provide his clients with superior service and the highest level of comfort. As he always says, "I'm not going to lie...this is a piercing and it's probably going to hurt a little, but I'll do my best to make it as quick and easy as possible." Whether you are looking for a basic nostril piercing, a complex ear project, or a microdermal, ZiD is always happy to be a part of your body modification journey.