I have been in motion since my early childhood. Starting off in Scotland and moving across the pond to Michigan... Texas... Ohio... South Carolina... Maryland... Georgia and now Kansas and Missouri, where I tattoo at Blacklist Ink. With tattooing, I tend to deal mostly with blackwork (geometric, ornamental, to extremely illustrative) and watercolor. Recently, I have been also interested in Traditional and Neo Traditional. I gain influence from all of them and incorporate aspects of them into my personal style. You will see all kinds of subject matter in my portfolio. I love flora, animals, landscapes, skulls, etc. I tend to work from real photographs. The research behind the tattoo is an important part of the process to me. Ultimately, what I look for is how I can use theses things to collaborate with my client. I really like the collative part of the process. Thus, everything gets pulled on in different ways. Currently, I am not only a tattoo artist, but also an Associate Professor of Art at Pittsburg State University. I have been a professor for 16 years. In that time, my artwork has been widely exhibited both nationally and internationally. I have had the opportunity to have images included in select exhibitions by jurors such as - Richard S. Field, Curator Emeritus of Prints and Drawings, Yale University Art Gallery and Craig Houser, Assistant Curator Guggenheim Museum, NYC. My artwork has also been written about and published in numerous publications, including Polaroid P26 and Rangefinder magazines.