Michael’s parents graciously passed down their creative genes to their son; ever since he started drawing as a child he was destined to become the multitalented artist he is today.

For Michael, art is a universal language, with which he has been able to stand out and make a mark in this world.
Michael served three years (1999 to 2002) in the 1st cavalry of the United States Army, which allowed him serve his civic duty and assisted him in being able to attend the American Academy of Art in Chicago, Illinois, where he earned his Bachelor’s degree of Fine art in illustration. He has been diligently working his way into the professional art world since 2006.
While at the American Academy of Art he met the artist Dan Plumley. Michael then began apprenticing under Dan at the tattoo shop, Skin of a Different Color of Aurora, Illinois. Upon completion of his apprenticeship Michael left Skin of a Different Color, very grateful to both Mr. Plumley and the shop. He then found himself working at Don’s Downtown Ink, also of Aurora?.  Dedicating 5 years of his time and talent, from 2007 to 2012. Michael is the creator of the Don's Downtown Ink logo and graphics, that are still being use to this day.

You can now find Michael tattooing in his hometown of Sycamore, IL. Working side by side with the legendary tattoo artist Spider of Spider Tattooz.

Being the multitalented artist that he is, Michael was also the resident graphic artist of No Limits Graphix of Plainfield, Illinois. He has now gone off to on his own and has started his own idenity under FigSigArts as owner/digital director of design.
Although Michael is very ambitious and active in the art community, between his custom tattooing, graphic design, painting, drawing and other endeavors, he is first and foremost a father to his two beautiful sons, which are and always will be his most accomplished works of art.
Michael awaits the day that his hard work and dedication to both his family and his love of art will be recognized and the world will acknowledge him for naturally talented artist his parents made him. He aspires to one day be able to combine his two loves and work side by side with his sons in the world of art. 


Michael would like to thank the following people for all of their encouragement and love:
1st and foremost my wife. She has giving me Hope and given me the strenght I did not think I had and challange me to my fullest potentional. Also my children and newly added to the editon my beautiful Step-Daughter. My loving mother and all her support, My sisters and all of their 12 babies. My very loving Grandmother (May she rest in peace). The Harrisons Family, My famliy in Morelia, Mexico. My famliy in Racine, Wisconsin and family in Donna, Texas. 92 to 99 Sycamore School teachers Mr. Peska, Mr. Mannebach, Mr. Turok, Ms. Lanzer, the US Army 1st Cav 4/5 ADA, the American Academy of Art, Tom Herzberg, Rich Kryczyk, Dan Plumley, Craig M., Skin of a Different Color, Jose Sanchez “Ink Father”, Don Lemezis, Chris and Andrea M., Yamin, Derek, Wes, Travis, Marcus, Gil, Liz and Kizer (May they rest in peace), Becca, Chase, Dasilva, Steve Miller and family, Doc and Mel Parson, The Graffiti of War Project, and anyone else that has supported his life and career in the arts.