Liorcifer has been tattooing for over 18 years now, of which he spent 11 and a half years out of the first 13

as an apprentice, for 2 different tattoo masters, in different corners of the globe.

He specialize in black & grey horror inspired, demonic, macabre art, and is known for his large scale tattoos.

During the years he gained international recognition, and featured in many publications, and also held seminars in international tattoo conventions.

Liorcifer has been attending many tattoo conventions, and doing guest spots around the world, which keeps him exposed to many different styles of

arts and artists, which keeps his art progressing, and better his techniques.

In 2007 he formed Tribulation Tattoo studio in NYC along with his long time partners Dan Marshall and Tim Kern.

In 2012 Liorcifer opened his own studio INFERNUM TATTOOS in NYC LES.

for any more information and schedule in the US and abroad, you can contact him at info@liorcifer.com