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About the Artist, Beth Swilling:

I have always been drawn to the human form both as subject and as medium. Tattooing is the ultimate live art experience:

Tattooing is collaborative: by its very nature, tattooing requires participation from the client/collector as well as from the artist. Whether you know exactly what you want or don't have a clue, a process of discovery will always happen.
Tattoos are personal: because it is administered by a human hand (and not a machine), and worn on a human body, every tattoo is unique and means something to the collector. It conveys your message to the world without you having to say a word.
Tattoo art is interactive: once a piece is put into the skin, it moves within the community; it sparks up conversations between complete strangers; it is not stuck in a museum or on someone's wall like painting or sculpture.

I apprenticed under Damian Leigh, founder of Prime Evil Tattoo. Originally from New Zealand and now living in Queensland, Australia, Damian is one of the most prolific, talented, fearless and focused artists I have ever known. Under his calm and patient direction, I discovered a passion for this art form. 

For 13 years I have been growing and expanding my skills as an artist and tattooer. We are now in a beautiful studio in Kendall Yards. We offer both custom tattooing and professional piercing as well as a full gallery of jewelry. I am capable of tattooing in all styles, but I focus on mostly custom work; the more realism involved, the better. No project is too big or too small. I try to keep my portfolio up to date, so check back frequently to see what's going on at MOM'S Custom Tattoo in Spokane!

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