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By Rafael Marte

Rafael Marte Tattoos
Yonkers New York, 10071

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I often get asked which style I prefer tattooing in; color or black and grey? And I can honestly say that I absolutely LOVE BOTH!!! When it comes to choosing weather or not to get your next tattoo done in color or black and grey ink depends on many factors. First off, I  think the subject matter greatly influences that decision. If you are getting something dark and creepy, then black and grey is most likely your best bet. However, we see here what some may consider a "creepy" Horror theme, yet its executed in full color. So options for color or clack and grey are available for any subject matter if  you start off off with a blank area of skin on your body. Now, if most of the tattoos on your arm, or torso, or even left half of your body are in black and grey, then i would stick with that style, unless you are looking for your next tattoo to really stand out from everything else around it. This zombie arm reaching out from the grave towards a red rose is just part of a full color sleeve. 

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