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By Rafael Marte

Rafael Marte Tattoos
Yonkers New York, 10071

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 I seem to do a lot of people's first tattoos, and this was one of them. She sat great for the three hours it took to complete this small 4x5 inch (approximate size) tattoo on her forearm. The trick to getting tattooed, and this applies to your first or hundredth time, is to be in good health, and rested beforehand, also staying relaxed during the whole process. Drinking a lot of water (in general, not just before or after getting tattooed) helps your body heal faster believe it or not! And finally, just be patient! The results are always worth the discomfort that inevitably comes with getting tattooed. Because of my client's patience, I was able to add the details that make this tattoo more realistic. Another thing to remember when getting your first tattoo is, get what you really want! Don't settle for "something small" to "test it out". All the pain, discomfort, permanency, acceptance or judgment by others will be a factor in every tattoo you get, so just get what you want because in the end you are the one who has to like it and the only one who will live with it.  

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