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By Haylo

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My client originally wanted to add lightning to an old wolf tattoo on his arm.

I informed him that I must insist on redoing the wolf part of his tattoo... He agreed. 
This is the end result after I freehanded new details and added symmetry to the facial features of the wolf, as well as adding the lightning below.

After spending the first portion of the tattoo session drawing directly on the old tattoo and redesigning the wolf's face, I was able to recreate the outcome my client wanted when he originally had the tattoo commissioned from a different artist. 

We were both equally happy with the final outcome... But neither of us were more happy than his wife who HATED the original tattoo... In her own words, "Not because of how awful it looked, but that he had it done while they were on their honeymoon". Seeing the tattoo transformed made her forget how mad she was at him for getting the tattoo instead of spending their honeymoon with her. Another marriage saved! At least I like to think of the scenario in that way. lol!

Not ALL low quality tattoos are hopeless. As you can see, there's barely any evidence of the former wolf left behind due to the image being a very popular tattoo reference.

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