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Tattoos - Vine Side Tattoo
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Image Comments

Colleen 13/06/08 from IP Address
I love it!! I want to ge one on my side as well but need a great design....any suggestions??

Addison 13/07/08 from IP Address
i think this is a gorgeous tattoo... the way it spirals up the body is prett cool.

anton 19/06/08 from IP Address
i would like to looking for pictures of tatoo...couse i'm very confused to changed a pictures

Kristen 13/07/08 from IP Address
this shit is hot im gonna copy and get it i love it!!!!!!!!

chima 26/07/08 from IP Address
please i need to see more bird tattoo image

Louisa 08/10/08 from IP Address
this is so simular to the tattoo im going to get, not sure whether to get colour tho. wish me luck for mine that it comes out as good as urs!! :)

Emily 21/10/08 from IP Address
omfg!!!! this is soooooo amazing i want one kinda like it but w weed leafs!!! amazing work

sunnie 31/10/08 from IP Address
I'm in the process of getting vines, mushrooms, flowers..etc tattoo'd on my rib cage..hip etc.. I was just wondering how much it hurt on your "tater tot" inked compared to the rest? thanks.. and much love.. sunnie.

Gracie 02/12/08 from IP Address
i was wondering how much this cost, and if it hurt. :/ if you could email me back that would be helpful :) thanks.

Nelson 25/11/08 from IP Address
Not sure if your the same "Angel" I know. Do you have tattoos of Classic Hollywood B&W Monsters on your legs? The Eagle NY, BearWeek and Mates Weekend mean anything to you?. Anyway, great tats and look forward to your new web site. PEACE.

mandy 19/12/08 from IP Address
Your looking damn fine with that tat on your side. Good choice it looks awesome on u!!!

$black$ 04/03/09 from IP Address
its raw as hell i go one on my back that goes around me like a spring and it has a joker head at the end of it cost a shit load but well worth it%%%& raw ass tatt

kerris 26/06/09 from IP Address
this tattoo is awesome, any idea how long it would take to get done??

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