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October 15, 2009! Off the Map Tattoo Appreciation Party!
Off the Map Tattoo is continuing their tattoo appreciation night once a month. That means cool stuff...
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Off the Map Tattoo looking for full time artist

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Off the Map Tattoo, home of TattooNOW and the Paradise Tattoo Gathering, is looking for a full time tattooer! - We're seeking a talented professional artist with years of experiance and an excellent portfolio. click here to apply

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Tattoos - Kristel - Player the My little Pony Tattoo

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I did this My little pony tattoo at the South Florida tattoo Expo..Client has a horse name player and wanted to get a silly pony for him

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Email Kristel
Kristel's Page
Crimson Anchor Tattoo
Holiday, Florida
Travel Dates: Email Kristel for more info.
Richmond Fall Show
11/20/09 - 11/22/09
Holiday Inn Select - Koger Center
Richmond, VA
02/05/10 - 02/07/10
Sheraton Baltimore City Center Hotel
Baltimore, MD
03/26/10 - 03/28/10
Sheraton Philadelphia City Center
Philadelphia, PA

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TattooNOW offices @ Off the Map Tattoo
112 Cottage St Easthampton Ma 01027
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