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japanese lotus flower Tattoo Design Thumbnail
untitled Tattoo Design Thumbnail
Daniel Rocha
untitled Tattoo Design Thumbnail
Daniel Rocha
untitled Tattoo Design Thumbnail
Daniel Rocha
Dodge Division half sleeve color tattoo Tattoo Design Thumbnail
Andre Cheko
untitled Tattoo Design Thumbnail
Angelo Grisoffi
the God Father Tattoo Design Thumbnail
Angelo Grisoffi
untitled Tattoo Design Thumbnail
Angelo Grisoffi
Framed Girl Face Color Tattoo Tattoo Design Thumbnail
Andre Cheko
Cobra Tattoo Design Thumbnail
Angelo Grisoffi
Dandilyon flower color tattoo Tattoo Design Thumbnail
Andre Cheko

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Color - japanese lotus flower
Color Tattoos
Black and Gray - untitled
Black and Gray Tattoos
Nature Animal Wildlife - Bald Eagle with Arrows
Nature Animal Wildlife Tattoos
Portrait - untitled
Portrait Tattoos
Tribal - Super, superman and tribal blades
Tribal Tattoos
Coverup - Theater Mask color back tattoo
Coverup Tattoos
Femine - Framed Girl Face Color Tattoo
Femine Tattoos
Small - Magnolia flower, laser burn cover up
Small Tattoos
Original Art - untitled
Original Art Tattoos
Traditional Asian - skull and roses sleeve
Traditional Asian Tattoos
Ethnic Celtic Knotwork - Black and grey skull with red roses tattoo, Tim McEvoy Art Junkies Tattoo
Ethnic Celtic Knotwork Tattoos
Pin Up - spacing out tattoo
Pin Up Tattoos
Lettering - untitled
Lettering Tattoos
Movie Sci Fi - Dragon Tattoo
Movie Sci Fi Tattoos
Biker - Dodge Division half sleeve color tattoo
Biker Tattoos
Religious - The Creation of Adam
Religious Tattoos
Bio Mech - Bio Organic rib panel
Bio Mech Tattoos
Traditional Old School - sinatra tattoo
Traditional Old School Tattoos
New School - Dandilyon flower color tattoo
New School Tattoos
Rework - Hearts Once Nourished
Rework Tattoos
Ethnic Native American - wolf hand tattoo
Ethnic Native American Tattoos
Fine Line - Perched Phoenix
Fine Line Tattoos
Oddities - Food Sleeve( Mise En Place )
Oddities Tattoos
Music - Fabrizio De Andre Tattoo
Music Tattoos
Ethnic Tibetan - GANESH !
Ethnic Tibetan Tattoos
Evil - Rag Doll black and grey tattoo
Evil Tattoos
Flower - honey bee and mandala
Flower Tattoos
Sports - realistic color braves baseball tattoo, Brent Olson Art Junkies Tattoo
Sports Tattoos
Cartoon - Stag head color chest tattoo
Cartoon Tattoos
Dark Skin - OG Abel girl
Dark Skin Tattoos
Traditional Old School - untitled
Traditional Old School Tattoos
Ethnic American - California themed side piece
Ethnic American Tattoos
Bio-Organic - Alex Grey Inspired half sleeve
Bio-Organic Tattoos
Nature Animal Butterfly - Lion king
Nature Animal Butterfly Tattoos
Fantasy Fairy - Gypsy Babe
Fantasy Fairy Tattoos
Fantasy Dragon - skulls and dragon skull
Fantasy Dragon Tattoos
Memorial - Tortellino
Memorial Tattoos
In Progress - Color Lotus Flower With Mickey Sharpz Machine
In Progress Tattoos
In Progress Tattoos
In Progress - Hand Bones
In Progress Tattoos
Skin Rips - Skin tear on calf
Skin Rips Tattoos
Movie Horror - Freddy vs Jason
Movie Horror Tattoos
Skull - Tibetan Skull Tattoo
Skull Tattoos
Nature Sun - Tribute to Maryland
Nature Sun Tattoos
Nature Fire - pheonix
Nature Fire Tattoos
Fire-fighters - Lezcano Coat of Arms w/ Cuban Flag by Talo
Fire-fighters Tattoos
Severed Head - Evil Pope from Space Tattoo
Severed Head Tattoos
Nature Animal Insect - Ladybug
Nature Animal Insect Tattoos
Collaborative - Nick Cave's art, music, and life collage half sleave
Collaborative Tattoos
Blackwork - Pirate Tattoo
Blackwork Tattoos
Movie Star Wars - Muecke StarWars Tattoo
Movie Star Wars Tattoos
Realistic - the God Father
Realistic Tattoos
Art Nouveau - peacock feather and skull
Art Nouveau Tattoos
Traditional Japanese - Snakes
Traditional Japanese Tattoos
Nature Water - Sailboat
Nature Water Tattoos
Military - old school eagle
Military Tattoos
Aerosol Inspired - Vanity
Aerosol Inspired Tattoos
Custom - black and grey spider with filagree tattoo, Tim McEvoy Art Junkies Tattoo
Custom Tattoos
Celebrity - Day of the dead Thigh tattoo
Celebrity Tattoos
Archive - The Bee's Knee's
Archive Tattoos
Illustrations - Albino Rabbit thigh color tattoo
Illustrations Tattoos
Aerosol Inspired Graffiti - A Male Robin and His Nest
Aerosol Inspired Graffiti Tattoos
Religious Angel - Angel Sculpture Sleeve
Religious Angel Tattoos
Ethnic - Flapper girl color half sleeve tattoo
Ethnic Tattoos
Religious Praying Hands - virgin mary tattoo
Religious Praying Hands Tattoos
Religious Cross - 'God's Will' across knuckles
Religious Cross Tattoos
Nature Animal Cat - Cheetah Print
Nature Animal Cat Tattoos
Nature Animal Bull - bullshark
Nature Animal Bull Tattoos
Nature Animal Lizard - Dragon Eye Tattoo
Nature Animal Lizard Tattoos
Comic Book - Green Lantern
Comic Book Tattoos
Evil Grim Reaper - Grim Reaper Rolling the Dice for your Life Sleeve Tattoo by Larry Brogan
Evil Grim Reaper Tattoos
Ethnic Flag - Realistic Eaglehead
Ethnic Flag Tattoos
Car - '54 Chevy
Car Tattoos
nature animal owl - untitled
nature animal owl Tattoos
Misc - Guan Yin Statue
Misc Tattoos
New - Mariah horse tattoo
New Tattoos
Traditional Japanese Dragon - dragon
Traditional Japanese Dragon Tattoos
Traditional Japanese Hanya - Hanya Mask
Traditional Japanese Hanya Tattoos
Spiritual - The Bee's Knee's
Spiritual Tattoos
Nature - crow and blackberry flowers
Nature Tattoos
Nature Sea Shells - mermaid Girls
Nature Sea Shells Tattoos
Body Part Arm Sleeve - Jungle tattoo
Body Part Arm Sleeve Tattoos
Half-Sleeve - Insect Sleeve Tattoo
Half-Sleeve Tattoos
Nature Animal - Horse
Nature Animal Tattoos
Royal King - Lady Head with Mandala
Royal King Tattoos
Body Part Lower Back - untitled
Body Part Lower Back Tattoos
Body Part Calf - color pheonix tattoo, Tim McEvoy Art Junkies Tattoo
Body Part Calf Tattoos
Body Part Arm - Geisha
Body Part Arm Tattoos
Sci Fi - flower lock
Sci Fi Tattoos
Fantasy - Lion Statue Tattoo
Fantasy Tattoos
Flower Venus Flytrap - skull and rose
Flower Venus Flytrap Tattoos
Ying Yang - Korean Dragon
Ying Yang Tattoos
Key - Key with locket
Key Tattoos
Body Part Chest Tattoos for Women - Ravens and Rose coverup
Body Part Chest Tattoos for Women Tattoos
eyeball - Tattooed my logo
eyeball Tattoos
Flower Poppy - Day of the Dead flower skull
Flower Poppy Tattoos
Nature Animal Rabbit - Count Winston
Nature Animal Rabbit Tattoos
Animal - Little Bird
Animal Tattoos
Movie - Jane Eyre inspired piece
Movie Tattoos
Religious Devil - Muecke Tattoo Dog Skull
Religious Devil Tattoos
Religious Demon - Demon Moon Calf Sleeve
Religious Demon Tattoos
Religious Jesus - untitled
Religious Jesus Tattoos
Nature Animal Bird - Bird of Prey
Nature Animal Bird Tattoos
Nature Animal Pig - Winged Motorcycle Helmet Pig
Nature Animal Pig Tattoos
Nature Animal Bear - Stuck on You
Nature Animal Bear Tattoos
Nature Animal Dragonfly - Dragonfly
Nature Animal Dragonfly Tattoos
Nature Animal Horse - horny
Nature Animal Horse Tattoos
Nature Animal Lion - lion & cub
Nature Animal Lion Tattoos
Nature Animal Koi Fish - Koi Tattoo by Muecke
Nature Animal Koi Fish Tattoos
Nature Animal Scorpion - untitled
Nature Animal Scorpion Tattoos
Nature Animal Spider - untitled
Nature Animal Spider Tattoos
Nature Animal Tiger - Daggered Tiger
Nature Animal Tiger Tattoos
Nature Animal Turtle - Sea Turtle
Nature Animal Turtle Tattoos
Traditional Japanese Kanji - KOI AND LOTUS
Traditional Japanese Kanji Tattoos
Evil Death - Muecke Horror Tattoo
Evil Death Tattoos
Gambling - wanna bet? tattoo
Gambling Tattoos
Fantasy Pheonix - Phoenix
Fantasy Pheonix Tattoos
Fantasy Warrior - Samurai ghost
Fantasy Warrior Tattoos
Heart - untitled
Heart Tattoos
Wings - The Bee's Knee's Cosmo
Wings Tattoos
Nature Star - Floral Thigh Color Tattoos
Nature Star Tattoos
Flower Lily - Blocken pocket watch color tattoo
Flower Lily Tattoos
Nature Tree - Colored traditional house finch bird tattoo, Gary Dunn Art junkies Tattoo
Nature Tree Tattoos
Flower Tulip - Girl Tattoo Skul Butterfly Flower Heart Water drop Muecke Tattoo
Flower Tulip Tattoos
Flower Cherry Blossom - untitled
Flower Cherry Blossom Tattoos
Fantasy Mermaid - Mermaid Night sky
Fantasy Mermaid Tattoos
Flower Chrysanthemum - Marilyn monroe  realistic portrait
Flower Chrysanthemum Tattoos
Religious Mary - working on a religious sleeve
Religious Mary Tattoos
Flower Lotus - Lotus flower rib tattoo Close up
Flower Lotus Tattoos
Family - Baby feet
Family Tattoos
Myth - Geisha's past
Myth Tattoos
Vintage - untitled
Vintage Tattoos
Nature Animal Shark - Full color realistic Great White shark tattoo
Nature Animal Shark Tattoos
Fantasy Gargoyle - gargoyle
Fantasy Gargoyle Tattoos
Body Part Leg Sleeve - Bill the Butcher color portrait tattoo from Gangs of New York
Body Part Leg Sleeve Tattoos
Body Part Foot - untitled
Body Part Foot Tattoos
Body Part Side - Ship tattoo
Body Part Side Tattoos
Body Part Back - Chihuahua and Pitbull
Body Part Back Tattoos
Body Part Leg - Rocky Tattoo
Body Part Leg Tattoos
Body Part Ankle - Tikis
Body Part Ankle Tattoos
Body Part Hand - Octopus Forearm/Hand Tattoo
Body Part Hand Tattoos
Body Part Shoulder - Kawasaki inspired tattoo
Body Part Shoulder Tattoos
Body Part Neck - cardinal gangster tattoo
Body Part Neck Tattoos
Nature Animal Rhinoceros - Dali inspired Elle on the finger
Nature Animal Rhinoceros Tattoos
Space and Aliens - Green Apple World Color tattoo
Space and Aliens Tattoos
Ethnic Asian - Foo Dog cover up
Ethnic Asian Tattoos
Flower Asian Pear Blossom - peacock feathers
Flower Asian Pear Blossom Tattoos
Body Part Chest Tattoos for Men - Charles Bukowski
Body Part Chest Tattoos for Men Tattoos
Food Cupcake - Cupcake
Food Cupcake Tattoos
Food - exploding cupcake color tattoo
Food Tattoos
Nature Animal Octopus - Bio Organic Cthulu
Nature Animal Octopus Tattoos
Nature Animal Dog - Portrait of a St. Bernard
Nature Animal Dog Tattoos
Nature Animal Dolphin - Dolphin Filigree Chest PIece
Nature Animal Dolphin Tattoos
Nature Animal Eagle - Eagle
Nature Animal Eagle Tattoos
Nature Animal Ladybug - Filigree and Poppy Flowers Tattoo
Nature Animal Ladybug Tattoos
Nature Animal Panther - Micro Panther
Nature Animal Panther Tattoos
Nature Animal Snake - Work in progress Dia De Los Muertos girl
Nature Animal Snake Tattoos
Nature Animal Wolf - werewolf tattoo
Nature Animal Wolf Tattoos
Traditional Japanese Koi Fish - Koi Coverup
Traditional Japanese Koi Fish Tattoos
Ethnic Irish - Irish Flag in Cross by Talo
Ethnic Irish Tattoos
Ethnic Italian - Theda Bara of Cleopatra - 1917
Ethnic Italian Tattoos
Movie Horror Frankenstein - Black and Grey Portrait Tattoo of Frankenstien
Movie Horror Frankenstein Tattoos
Movie Horror Vampire - Vampire
Movie Horror Vampire Tattoos
Nature Moon - Color traditional tiger with horns tatttoo, Gary Dunn Art Junkies Tattoo
Nature Moon Tattoos
Flower Rose - red rose
Flower Rose Tattoos
Flower Vine - traditional color owl tattoo, Brent Olson Art Junkies Tattoo
Flower Vine Tattoos
Evil Zombie - Ash Portrait
Evil Zombie Tattoos
Family Heritage - Grandma Tribute
Family Heritage Tattoos

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