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Crystal is back from LA and Orange County! Crystal's passion for art goes as far back as she can remember. She loved it so much she used to get in trouble for drawing in school, and while she started with charcoal and pastels she has recently developed a liking for acylic, water color and her favorite being Oil painting. Crystal was ninteen when she got her foot in the door of a shop in Arkansas working as a piercer. She has been in the body modification industry for almost twenty years, got on the cover of a tattoo magazine right before starting tattooing and after completing her tattoo apprenticeship has tattooed for a total of twelve years. Since then she has landed on several tattoo magazines for herself and her work. Crystal enjoys working on traditional, Japanese, geometrical, nice color pieces as well as black pieces and lettering.

Crystal has had the pleasure of working with Kari Barbie, owner of Outer Limits, and cites Yvo ILa and Devin Mena, Erika Moser, and Bruce Chung as great influences of her work. Crystal has worked from the east to west coast over her twelve years of tattooing. She moved to Dallas for a year and half and then moved to southern California for ten years before finally moving back here to Dallas. If you would like to schedule an appointment with Crystal feel free to drop an email in the link provided, give us a call or swing by and schedule your next favorite piece.