i'm a very outspoken person, some people like that, most don't, I have always done everything different, which is what appealed me to this industry in the first place.. My mom says i have Colt Logic, if you get to know me you will find out exactly what that means. i strive to better my life and those who are involved in it. i'm a very ambitious person and i am very dedicated to my work.. I'm not very good at these bio things though.. i hate talking about myself.. But i most love to learn about other people.. that is one of the best parts of this career.. I aways have people ask me how long i've been tattooing and see other people tell how long they have been at this, time doesn't mean much to me.. Skill level means more. The amazing part about art is it depends on how much effort you put in depicts how good you will be.. Not time. I have learned a lot over the years by a lot of great artist and i don't take much credit for where i am at today..The people i have worked with have helped me so much and i want to thank all of them. Second shop location: 4201 Coldwater rd. Fort Wayne, Indiana, 46805, Glenbrook Square Mall (260)-471-3100