We offer quite a few options for advertising your business or studio. TattooNOW receives over 250,000 visits a month and we can serve your ad millions of times each month. We also offer sponsorship spots in the Tattoo Artist Magazine CD-Rom!
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Silver Advertising Package

- 468x60 rotation - light 728x90 Leaderboard banners -120x240 rotation - Text Classified Ad - Classified out in monthly TattooNOW newsletter 3 months advertising Click image for large ad map. Nearly all of our advertisers stick with us and renew!

Price: $1,000.00

Gold Advertising Package

-468x60 Rotation -Medium Leaderboard rotation - 180x140 Top sidebar rotation - Classified Ad - Classified in monthly TattooNOW newsletter. 3 months advertising-Classified AdNearly all of our advertisers stick with us and renew! A testimonial from

Price: $1,500.00

Platinum Advertising Package

- Dedicated page on TattooNOW - 486x60 Banners - 728x90 Banners heavy rotation - 160x160 banner on every page - Classified Ad with image - Classified in TattooNOW monthly newsletter ** Tattoo suppliers also get leader board ads on TattooMachinesNOW.

Price: $2,500.00

TattooNOW Artist Membership

professional tattooers, Reach more tattoo fans every day Like a social network with over 700,000 tattoo researching friends a month willing to travel, and without the BS. Easily update your portfolio 24/7 with one large image into our tattoo galle

Price: $149.99

Tattoo Artist CDZine Button Rotation

Advertise in the Tattoo Artist CDZine! You button will be displayed throughout the CDZine. Not only do you receive the visual branding on the tattoo industries only quarterly multimedia CD, but folks can click right through to your website!

Price: $125.00
now viewing products 1-5 of  5

"If you are expecting this course to magically fix your problems while you hang out, sorry this course isnt for you. But, if you want to learn some great tactics and how they work in the context of your business and are willing to put the work necessary in, then this course will help you amplify your efforts and successes." - Gabe Ripley

"I can say without reservation Gabe Ripley's webinar, and the information presented, was one of the keystones to my career choices and direction the last year. I often quote much of what I learned not only to others, but to myself as well as a reminder to stay on track. I've taken the webinar twice and will purchase it if ever made available on dvd. I can't recommend it highly enough." - Ian McKown

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