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Artist Essentials Webinar Pack

Price: $725.00

This package includes:

> Russ Abbott's The Tattooist's Palette

  • Secrets of Color Mixing
  • Color Blending
  • Developing Color Schemes
  • Color Selection
  • Application
  • Special Effects
  • Tattooing for Longevity
  • Finding Inspiration
  • Color Theory

BJ Betts Lettering

Learn from a lettering master.

Jeff Gogue's Art Core, Isolation Training for Visual Art

We will explore six defining design principles that each contribute to successful layout and delivery of any visual art medium mainly focusing on tattooing and painting. These key ingredients will guarantee dynamic art be it in the body, on canvas, or on skin.
Students will learn to isolate six design principles and ingredients that can combined, interchanged and focused on to strengthen their execution of visual art on skin and canvas. rules of design, the way the viewer sees their art and how to leave a long impression on anyone who sees their art.

> Kelly Doty's It's the Little Things

In this course we will discuss the full process of true illustrative tattooing. From the prep-work and research, to creating a backstory, character-design and universe for your creation. We will also delve into the more technical aspects of applying the tattoo, including color theory and blending techniques. This is a seminar built on details and why seemingly trivial things are never trivial. Students can expect to learn why the process of creating a character and universe is so important, and what that means for the continuity of their work. We will also focus on the world of color theory, and the impact it can have on a piece. In addition to color theory, students will learn various techniques for color blending, and overall rendering to make their designs resemble tangible beings. We will finish with a Q & A.

> Ian McKown's Light and Shadow

Value is King when it comes to making believable depth and separation of different elements within a composition whether it be a tattoo or a piece of fine art. I am convinced that with a greater understanding of value structures, and the ability to see value shifts and plan for them in your work, an artist will have the ability to make more dramatic and refined work.

Guy Aitchison and Jeff Gogue Collaborative Sleeve

Guy Aitchison and Jeff Gogue come together for this unprecedented tattoo event. Over the course of a full day they create a large collaborative sleeve tattoo that includes both traditional Japanese elements and some more modern techniques and effects. This is an amazing opportunity for you to sit in on a unique project.

> TattooNOW's Building a Great Tattoo Business

Being good isn't enough, be GREAT! To be great you must organize your talents, work, and businesses for success. If you are tattooing for a living then you are a small business. If you don't understand the nature of business, then you are spending more energy and getting less out of your hard work. In this seminar artists, managers, studio owners, and apprentices will learn to think about all the details of a professional business plan as it relates specifically to high quality professional tattooing.

Price: $725.00
Artist Essentials Webinar Pack