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Realistic eye with hand crawling out tattoo, Scott Grosjean Art Junkies Tattoo Tattoo Design Thumbnail
Scott Grosjean
Mummy matriochka Tattoo Design Thumbnail
Emy Blacksheep
Medusa Tattoo Design Thumbnail
Emy Blacksheep
Black and grey portrait  Tattoo Design Thumbnail
Ryan Mullins
Vintage robot tattoo Tattoo Design Thumbnail
Phil Robertson
Koi fish memorial tattoo Tattoo Design Thumbnail
Phil Robertson
Sugar skull in 3D Tattoo Design Thumbnail
Geary Morrill

Skulldala Tattoo Design Thumbnail
Geary Morrill
the observer Tattoo Design Thumbnail
Geary Morrill
Lion Heart Tattoo Design Thumbnail
Geary Morrill

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Joe Capobianco guesting at Maimi Ink!

Thursday February 22, 2007

From Joe Capobianco's website:"Hey all, well yer never gonna believe this one. Yours truly has been offered a guest spot on TLC's Miami Ink. It seems the feller's think I'd make a good guest artist. SO believe it or not I've accepted, and will be down in Miami working the week of April 2nd thru the 7th. Now as IM told I've no real choice on who I get to tattoo. It seems that individuals looking to get tattooed by me, need to inquire with TLC about getting an appointment. Call 305-672-8052 ask for Bobby, You'll need to tell them that you were referred to them by me, and pretty much hope for the best. Sorry for all the flaming hoops, but this is TV land, and there are rules, so it seems. This guest spot will be filmed, and IM told will be used for the TV show. So know that if your accepted, You may be on TV. Well all that being said, I hope that a few of you are looking forward to my lil' trip down ta Miami. And I hope ta get ta see more than a few of ya down there. So see ya when I see ya. JOe Well iits out there, lets see where this goes..."

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