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Numbing Creams

Posted by from IP: on 10/02/08

I want to get a GORGEOUS tattoo on my ribs but apparently it hurts. Can you buy the numbing creams from drug stores and use it brfore u get the tattoo and will it worK?

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RE:Numbing Creams

Posted by brown wilson from IP: on 10/02/08

Pain is part of getting a tattoo. If you do not want to experience the pain associated with tattoos then dont get tattoos. Rubbing numbing cream on yourself and taking pain killers before getting a tattoo is plain gay. You shouldn't do it.

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RE:Numbing Creams

Posted by NSab from IP: on 10/02/08

Try Emula cream . Pre tattoo, purple gel after skin is broken

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RE:Numbing Creams

Posted by Clay McCay from IP: on 10/03/08
sav ga USA

don't do it!! the "numbing" crap will not help THAT much and if you can't deal with the should buy a painting. no offense...just that yes, it IS part of the process...that is why rib tattoos are so cool...because to get go through a LOT of pain.

if you try to take the pain away ( which won't really work so good ) you are taking the soul out of the tattoo...and you will expect it not to hurt..and it will and you will be stuck. wiggling and making it difficult for the artist.

my 2 cents is only worth 1 cent.

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RE:Numbing Creams

Posted by geo from IP: on 05/18/09

If you want to apply numbing cream, choose the on that's F.D.A. approved. Try Dr. Numb topical anesthetic cream. It has the highest level of Lidocaine. Visit and order today.

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RE:Numbing Creams

Posted by xxquizitz from IP: on 05/18/09
Da' World

Try using Bactine after the initial outline IT WORKS GREAT takes just min. to kick in and you can buy it at CVS for cheap and it DOES work

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RE:Numbing Creams

Posted by Inksane Gina from IP: on 05/18/09

Fuck what these guys say. If numbing your ribs makes you flinch less and makes it easier for your tattooist to do a good job, then go for it. Tattooing is no longer a sign of bad-assness, it's an art form.

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RE:Numbing Creams

Posted by Xxlil_emsyxX from IP: on 02/27/10

Geez... getting a tattoo is not made more special the more painful it is... and it if you dont need to put yourself through unnesessary pain.. then don't. No one is going to know the difference anyway...

Numbing Creams only partially work regardless of what make you use, so you are going to be uncomfortable no matter what, if you dont wan't to endure it, or you dont think it's worth it don't do it!

But don't put yourself through more pain just because someone else says it's cool...

cause thats lame :P

ohh and if your looking for lotions and potions at budget prices you can get them off ebay.. they work just the same :)

saying that ametop and emla are the most highly reccommended :P

hope i helped.


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RE:Numbing Creams

Posted by Pathinaz from IP: on 11/02/10
Tucson AZ

I felt I had to reply to this., as I felt the same way about getting tats. I have most of both arms covered, newest one about 7 years ago on my inner right arm, in the sweet spot. I have never used any numbing stuff, and figured I would be fine, since I have just started sleeving both arms. (bio-mech) The tattooist started on my inner left arm, in the sweet sopt, and before i started I was joking with him about people using numbimg stuff. Well, about 10 years ago i developed Rheumetoid arthritis (& Osteo) and Fibromyalgia (sp?) which makes the nreves on your skin EXTREMELY sensitive. My back is bad but I didnt think my arms would be. I did 3 hours in the chair of the most incredible pain one could imagine. I was shocked, but in my circumstance there is NO WAY to continue without some kind of anesthetic. Im 45, and take Methadone every 8 hrs for back pain, and STILL it felt like he was inking whith a chain saw.

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