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tattoo scabed up

Posted by new tattoo from IP: on 02/06/06

hello my name is kaleb and i have lots of tattoos but last week i got one at my regular shop by my artist and after 5 days it scabed up but only the greenish blue on the wings of my sparrow what should i do

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RE:tattoo scabed up

Posted by HoriAri from IP: on 02/07/06

If you apply to much of whatever you are using it will cause your skin to suffocate and will result in loss of color or damage the tattoo in another way. Instead of using a petroleum based ointment you should switch to non-scented lubriderm lotion. Apply in very thin layers and do it 3 times a day. If a tattoo scabs its not being maintained properly.

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RE:tattoo scabed up

Posted by erlich from IP: on 02/07/06

couple things could be going on here 1) reaction to the color that was used 2) over worked area 3) suffacation of pores also depending on where tattoo is located at on body lots of factors to look at i suggest to keep it clean and apply a VERY THIN COAT of A&D ointment or the product your artist is recomending unless its a petroleum based product or lanolin. my wife is a bear when it comes to ointments we have found that a&d works the best on her when she trys another ointment the tattoo will get red on edges scab up badly and not heal properly.with a&d she does exceptionally well.also keep in touch with your artist over this matter.this is where we get knowlege from and can make adjustments to care instructions ( if needed) everyone is different and the next time ya go in for ink the artist may try a different ink color or healing ointment for you and your needs obviosuly do not pick at the scab best of luck

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RE:tattoo scabed up

Posted by from IP: on 02/08/06

You know I am by no way an experianced artist but some time with the green colors they are difficult to see that the skin is taking the color and as the last persons note said maybe that color was over worked into the skin just a bit. But if you get too concerned about the way it is healing you may want to talk to someone who knows about thinks like infections or reactions like your family doctor!

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