Michele Turco was born on the 24 th of April 1971 in Piacenza. His career as a tattoo artist began as self-taught: Everything he has learned about this job is thanks to the experience he has achieved in all these years. The Tattoo “Da cosa nasce cosa”, is his current shop. This name encloses the heart of his works. He tries to catch the real meaning and the deepest emotions of those who entrust their skin to him, because every single person is unique and special, so everyone has the right to have a personal and unrepeatable tattoo, studied just for himself , that’s why he doesn’t use catalogues for the images research. He explains: to be able to do this, it is important to study their personality, leading them to personal confidences that allow me to get in touch with their deepest side. This is always been my purpose and it’s very satisfying for me to be able to establish this kind of bond with my clients. However he’s convinced that we never stop learning and this is the impetus that characterizes his life style. Michele is considered, today, as one of the better Tattoo Artists specialized in Realistic Tattoos and he chose this style because he realized that the realism technique was, for him, one of the better artistic expressions of tattoos, as well as a beautiful way to express his skills and qualities as a tattoo artist. Photography’s always been a big passion of his, he’s always looking for those details that distinguish every immage, so that he’s able to value all the single elements. He’s convinced that tattoos are also and mostly, intuition. He prefers working with color than Black & White. He Believes it is very important to understand that tattoos AREN’T JUST A JOB, THEY’RE A REAL LIFE STYLE. Tattoos are passion, love and they commit big part of our lives. This is why his shop became like a second home for him. Whoever goes into their shop feels this familiar atmosphere, that he tries to give putting all his passion in this art. Together with his wife, they’ve tried to give the most welcoming atmosphere they could, to allow people to relax while their tattoo is being created. From an hygienic and sanitary point of view, they guarantee that in their shop extreme attention is being payed to hygiene. All the sanitary rules are meticolously respected. The responsability that tattoo artits have is huge, he underlines. He loves his work so much and ….HE’LL NEVER DO ANYTHING ELSE IN HIS LIFE!