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Tattoo Artists - Anthony DuBois

Email Anthony DuBois
Anthony DuBois @ Stained Skin
Columbus, OH

Iíve been tattooing for 11yrs and feel blessed that I still enjoy the process. Iíve been fortunate enough to work under some great artists and benefit from those experiences. Three years ago Durb Morrison asked me to join the crew here at Stained Skin. I was blown away by the offer considering it was my dream to work here. Not only was I able to live my dream but surpass it by buying Stained Skin in 2005. I have some pretty big shoes to fill and am determined to carry on the strong reputation that precedes me. My favorite style of tattooing is stylized Japanese and Americana tattoos but I try to stay versatile due to the varying wishes of my clientele. I also enjoy black and grey.

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TattooNOW offices @ Off the Map Tattoo
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