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Christopher Allen - Buffalo, NY

Tattoos - Turkey hunting
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This color tattoo of a turkey hunting scene, took 4 sittings and i need about 1 more hour to complete the smaller details. This is the firs time ive done a nature scene to do with hunting.

Image Comments

Andrew 27/07/08 from IP Address
what's it hunting?

Pam Manning 13/09/11 from IP Address
If this is the first turkey scene you have tried, you ACED it. We are an avid turkey hunting family and when I was browsing the net net for a particular design that my brother is looking for I came upon your work. It is absolutely beautiful. He is wanting to incorporate a the fan of a turkey behind the antlers of a deer without the skull. He is going to place our dad's name, Buck, with the date of death he was killed while working on one side and on the other side the name of his best friend, Cliff, that was killed in an automobile accident. Both of those people were his best friends and his hunting buddies. It took him almost two years to hunt in the area that Daddy and he used to hunt. The weekend he did start going back in that area was youth weekend for turkey season, he had one of Cliff's boys with him and he called Brady's first bird up for him and it was Brady's first kill. This tattoo will be his first and will have alot of meaning. I call him Brother, but he will have one tine for our mother when something does happen to her although we hope that is along time from now. By the way, she is 62 years old and in her 3rd year of deer hunting she bagged a nice 9 pt. that is hanging on the wall with the rest of our trophies. Keep up the great work with the nature tattoo because I truly feel that you capture the essense of their beauty in their natural habitat. You rank highly in my opinion because I have looked at a lot of tats on the net. Sincerely, Pam

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