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TattooNOW Artist Membership

TattooNOW Artist Membership - YEAR

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professional tattooers, Click here to try risk free for 30 days!

  • Like a social network with over 700,000 tattoo researching friends a month willing to travel, and without the BS.
  • Easily update your portfolio 24/7 with one large image into our tattoo galleries.
  • Keep your TattooNOW portfolio up to date and attract new clients!
  • Traveling artists have their dates listed with every image on every page!
  • Artists working tattoo conventions get extra exposure on Tattoo Conventions NOW.
  • Reach more clients as well as network with other TattooNOW artists.
  • Your small investment will pay off with the first tattoo, it has again and again for over 8 years!.
  • If you want more and better clients, it's free for 30 days, a no brainer!

We wont bamboozle ya, our happy members speak for themselves:

"Our TattooNOW account has been simple and low-maintenance, and is a good looking, smooth running site that has undoubtedly brought new traffic through our site, including new traffic from unexpected places." - Guy Aitchison

"Tattoonow has greatly helped me reach more clientle and represent myself to a way larger group of people. Not only have i received clientle from tattoonow's representation, I also use tattoonow as a tool to connect with other artists. Its much easier to show my work via the site than send pictures to someone. When i hand out business cards or connect with other artists all i have to do is tell them my portfolio is on, and its that easy. The membership pays for itself easily by connecting you to people that would normaly not see your artwork. I now have a much wider range of clientle and have people travel from far places thanks to Tattoonow." - Orrin Hurley

"I have already booked several appointments at the upcoming convention I will be attending as well as here in the studio." - Vinny Burkhart

"Tattoonow has helped me tremendously!!! I just had the busiest week that I've had in over 5 years and I owe it all to TattooNOW. I used to only tattoo locals or occasionally someone from Connecticut or New York, and they just happened to wander into the old shop I was in, it could have been anyone working there, but with TattooNOW, I recently tattooed a guy from Virginia who saw my work online and made an appointment, in addition to many more emails for consultations from all over the country. In 3 short months, my career literally advanced 3 years from the increased awareness of who I am due to the exposure on I would most definitely recommend anyone looking to have their work seen by the most people in the shortest time to seriously consider a membership with TattooNOW. It will really help escalate your career." - Krystof

"since becoming a TattooNOW gallery member in 2003 and then having a website built by the talented Mr. Ripley in early 2004, my online presence and reputation has done nothing but first i was excited to receive a few emails from the TattooNOW galleries every week, these days i know that I'm going to get at least three to five emails every day from either or, and now, of course,'s not to say that every email leads to an appointment, but I can say that, thanks to TattooNOW desgin and marketing, I've gotten back my initial investments at least five times over, in the past year alone...and built the site and have the traffic that I've wanted since my first website was built by someone else in 2001. If you're in the market for a new website or a gallery to show some artwork on, check out what the guys at TattooNOW can do for you, i assure you, you won't be disappointed..." - gabriel cece

"Like always Gabe, thank you for featuring me on your site. I cannot say I have done any tattooing as a direct result of my brief time on your site (month or so) but I have had a number of people contact me with questions and people who are definitely interested in obtaining work someday. Most of them do not live here in Dallas but they talk of traveling from other states and even countries to get tattooing by me. Having my work featured on TattooNOW has helped to expose me to people from around the world. I greatly appreciate your efforts!" - Mark C. Merchant

"Hey man, you f#$%ing rock...I have grossed 1250 from your site in thhe last 2 days, it has more than paid for it self..thanks man" - DJ Minor

Jason Tyler Grace was flown to Belgium for a few weeks via his TattooNOW artist membership, and another has tattooed the manager of the worlds best heavy metal band.

Click here to try it risk free for 30 days!, Email TattooNOW, or give a ring at (413) 585-9134

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