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Gentleman Dog Tattoo Design Thumbnail
Mike DeVries
Hibiscus Flower Tattoo Design Thumbnail
Ryan Mullins
traditional red bow tattoo Tattoo Design Thumbnail
Mike Riedl
traditional colorful swallow and rose tattoo Tattoo Design Thumbnail
Mike Riedl
Bright purple hibiscus flower tattoo Tattoo Design Thumbnail
Ryan Mullins
untitled Tattoo Design Thumbnail
David Dettloff
Lotus Art Thumbnail
Oleg Turyanskiy
Icicle Contrast Art Thumbnail
Melissa Fusco
Icicle Sky Art Thumbnail
Melissa Fusco

Top 20 Tattoo of the Day Artists

# 1: Oleg Turyanskiy
# 2: Kelly Doty
# 3: Mike DeVries
# 4: Timothy B Boor
# 5: Mike Demasi
# 6: Nick Baxter
# 7: Brittan London Reese
# 8: Scotty Munster
# 9: Jonathan Montalvo
# 10: Liz Cook
# 11: Nathan Kostechko
# 12: Scott Olive
# 13: Cecil Porter
# 14: Ty McEwen
# 15: Joshua Bowers
# 16: Punk
# 17: Jon von Glahn
# 18: Remis Tattoo
# 19: Chad Newsom
# 20: Stefano

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Stefano - New York City, NY

Art Galleries - Stefano - Santa Rosa de Lima

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Pencil and Digital  2010


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Stefano @ Off the Map Tattoo
04/25/12 - 04/29/12
Off the Map Tattoo
Easthampton, Ma

Stefano @ Off the Map Tattoo Grants Pass
07/13/12 - 07/15/12
Off the Map Tattoo Grants Pass
Grant's Pass, OR

Paradise Tattoo Gathering
09/13/12 - 09/16/12
Keystone Resort
Keystone, CO

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